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And now for something nice…

Excited because this Thursday evening Mark Pollard is coming into our office and sharing with us a bit about twitter and what newbies can get out of it.  

Mark put up a post saying he wanted to do these sessions, and was looking for a venue.  We jumped at the chance of getting him in. We have a big group of our staff hanging around after work, and some of our clients are popping in, as well as other peeps who are interested in finding out a bit more.  I’m really excited about getting more people in our workplace on thinking more about how SM can be used in their day to day roles (beyond Facebook) and how it also impacts our clients biz.


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I am mesmerised by this site – when anyone posts a tweet with “oh my god”, “thank god” etc, god is replaced with science.  Very world-youth-day appropriate.

The text replacement is very funny (and if you use THANK SCIENCE yourself you get a gold star!) but I’m also gripped with the ticker-tape parade of tweets…here is a random selection




This site is also mesmerising.  Twistori shows what people love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish on twitter.

From here I discovered a “when obama wins” experiment…which then led me to this

and at some point you just have to stop don’t you…

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