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And now for something nice…

Excited because this Thursday evening Mark Pollard is coming into our office and sharing with us a bit about twitter and what newbies can get out of it.  

Mark put up a post saying he wanted to do these sessions, and was looking for a venue.  We jumped at the chance of getting him in. We have a big group of our staff hanging around after work, and some of our clients are popping in, as well as other peeps who are interested in finding out a bit more.  I’m really excited about getting more people in our workplace on thinking more about how SM can be used in their day to day roles (beyond Facebook) and how it also impacts our clients biz.


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Feral Sandpit

There is a weird arse feral mood sweeping twitter today and all seems to stem from an event at the Hilton about twitter. Sure, there was media hype, and lots of claims that it was the first of it’s kind when it clearly wasn’t, but JESUS CHRIST, can the back biting and bitchiness get any nastier?

I was asked at the last minute to go along (Mark Communications – the organiser – is part of the same group as the company I work for) and was a bit surprised that I was on the panel table when I arrived – but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do – morning sickness or no morning sickness!

So, here is what I got out of the morning…

The majority of the crowd there had been on twitter for less than three months (some not using it at all just yet). There was lots of interest generally in how twitter is impacting the media and the gathering of news information. Interesting that a very new user to twitter (please someone help me – it was one of the trainers from Biggest Loser) was first concerned about security and how it all works (but thinks it’s a great way to connect with people who watch the show or read her books). This event WAS NOT for people who are part of the “twiteratti” or any of the people who lay claim to social media – yes, the whole lot of it – in Australia (ie: those who know all there is to know about SM  and certainly don’t like the idea of anyone else telling them about their experiences either). I also got to meet a few very nice people (some who I knew on line and got to meet face to face). Everyone is a winner! 

The panel (which I was on) was 100% ego-free and did not push any agenda.  We just answered questions for Tim Burrows of mumbrella, and any that came our way from the floor.  The audience I felt wasn’t all “agency” types as some of the doyennes of the SM scene said it would be (and to be honest – who gives a flying fuck if it was – twitter ain’t limited to a narrow group of people).

So now we get this from Andrew Ramadge on (SBS aplogies – actually ot this site) news.com, and lots of nice and “real funny” jokes on twitter. Check out twitter search on the event (#beachmeet) and you’ll see a bunch of aggravated, bitchy “leaders” of the social media scene in Australia being generally catty about the morning.   

Guys – the sandpit is big enough to all play in.  You are coming across like stupid spoilt little kids.


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What the world needs now…

…is another post about Heidi and Naked and Witchery menswear.

But what the hell. Here is another one.

A new sport appears to have emerged in outing some new media campaigns as puffery. (here is one example and I bet the smh is livid that they did this)

Now, I am not sure what people are upset about. That consumers are being “fooled” by ads?

Sometimes the naivete of “social media experts” is exacerbating. It is like they have never seen the underskirts  of business.  There are practices I have seen that would make you blush – and this is the type of deception that I am really against.

 – Sub-contracting out parts of your supply chain or process to save costs, that may present a danger to your consumers

– putting “fresh” products in a fridge and charging a price-premium even though it is actually a shelf-stable product

– introducing a new weaker formulation as the standard product, and using the old formula in a “uber” range extension and charge people more for it

– putting products into smaller packaging and charging you the same as the old (and bigger) size

– and one that is my absolute BUGBEAR – charging you import prices for import brand beer that is brewed locally or not from the original country (my favourite recently was “import” Saporro that was brewed in Canada

Stuff like that is the deception that shits me – where consumers are blatantly ripped off, or their health and safety is put at risk.

Now – putting a video up on youtube where the ultimate consumer response when they find out the truth is either “Wow, they got me there!” or “Assholes – they tricked me; I’ll never buy that!” to me is not something that as marketers we should be screaming loudly  about. 

We should be standing up for consumers, not our own little patch of self-interest on the right and wrong way to do things.

More on this later…promise

(and just as a disclaimer the company I work for is owned by the same people who own Naked. I’ve never cared much for Naked, but I think Adam Ferrier sums it up quite well here.)


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Risky Biz

I just stumbled upon a serendipitous post by Katie Chatfield from “Get Shouty”, which is in the same vein as Dirk’s post No job if you don’t blog.  

Titled “ROI=Risk of Ignoring”, Katie answers very eloquently a question from B&T , and outlines how being involved in social media has given her access to some wonderful things (exchange of ideas,  “real world” opportunities, the creation of Interesting South etc).

ignorance is strength - jeff macpherson

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Build it and they will come…field of fantasies

MM pointed me in the direction of this fine post about how many corporate social networks are making zero dollars and more so nil sense.  Marshall Kirkpatrick uses the Breeze kitty litter community as a hilarious but also worrying example. It has 198 members. I wonder the cost per member? Who signed this idea off?  Who the hell managed to sell it in?  It has a touch of the “emperors new clothes” about it. 

Again, I will rip-off a fine analogy of MM’s for this…”Why would you want to go to a bar that was owned by (Brand X) and hang out there? In the same way why would you want to join one of their on-line communities?”  Now, the brand we were talking about was not the sort of brand that would build a bar that you’d want to hang out in. They may like to be. But being like one, and being actually one is a very different matter.  Unless the brand is one that you and a group of other people are passionate about, then I can’t understand why a brand would spend burn LOTS of cash on one of these unless they suffered from that same lack of self-confidence as the emperor did when he was stitched up in sweet-nothing.  For some brands it makes a lot of sense to create an on-line community, for others it’s CRAZY!  But some of the talk I am hearing about the traps is that it’s a “must”; you have to have a “presence”, you gotta get on board.  

I think this ties in with one of my theores around “brand vanity” that I oft think about, but never get anything down about…this shall be the subject of the very next post.

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