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as the pope floats by

No crowds to speak of last night or this morning, and again, rode down Hickson Road as if it was my private street! But crossing darling harbour last night I was cheered on my some green-lovin’, wild eyed pilgrims from the states – they cheered “Yay for cycling!” and waved their large US flags.  It was…well, strange. Normally the only thing yelled out to me when I ride is some obscentity from a white van driver as he (yes, always a he) tries to clip me off and run me into the gutter. 

mm asked me to ride over their tents this morning  – but alas – none camping out around here. Sorry.

But Thursday the Pope actually cruises by my office window. City workers are encouraged to work from home but I have a few meetings so think I’ll have to come in.  I guess it’s not every day a pope floats by.


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