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You gotta spend a little to remember a little


In a crazy bid to “buy nothing” this month in order to get my financial house in order, I somehow managed to spend $130 at Bunnings Warehouse this weekend – some terracotta pots, a geranium, a broom and scrubbing brush, and some other bits and pieces that somehow totalled $130. I held my breath as the total  came up on the register and hissed to mm – “I can’t believe it’s this much for a bunch of…shit” and reluctantly handed over my card.

But otherwise I appear to be doing “much better thank you” and have resisted so far spending cash on the normal stuff I have been sinking most of my finds into for the past three or four years. But a mortgage (and a credit crunch) has caught up with me, and it’s time for The Madness To Stop! I blame a sharp drop in retail sales solely on me and me alone. But I can no longer prop up the economy.

I started today to write down a list of things I wanted to start doing again – things to take up my time,  things that would give me pleasure without draining my wallet.

1. I want to bake a cake – typing this I realise that our oven is broken, but as soon as that’s all sorted I want to bake a banana cake, as well as learn some of the recipes of cakes my grandmother used to bake me when I was a kid

2. I want to start knitting again – use up all that wool I have sitting about in tubs in the spare room, and make something new for me to wear. Ok, I may never dare wear it outside (like that strange bolero jacket I made using about $150 worth of Alpacca wool and wear only in the house) but I like to see a piece taking shape (sort of) and getting bigger…I’ll get better too the more I knit

3. I want to dig out my little camera and carry it with me and take a nice picture everyday. I see things everyday that I think “I wish I had something more than my camera phone” – it could be a funny sign, or the harbour in the morning, or some nice sandstone…anything

I have a confession though. Today I spent $25USD (including postage) on a Patrick Moberg print.  I know, I know, mm thinks it’s an infatuation but I hope he doesn’t mind it in the lounge room. I want something to remember November 4th by. When my co-worker Sonia (who is a US citizen) turned to me as I walked into the office bar looking so happy as John McCain was giving his concession, to when our whole office filled the room to watch Obama’s acceptance speech, it felt a good day.  And I like to remember the world when we have days like that. And $25USD didn’t seem too much, even during “buy nothing” month.

(prints spotted via Something Changed)


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girls say yes
girls say yes

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