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(via Catch Up Lady) I’m trying to work out if this is by someone very, very bitter, or just someone with a sense of humour. It could go either way.



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The things I’ve learnt…

I just read a great post from the herd, all about how blogging is a great “calling card” for your skills as a potential journo – highlighting your thinking and your writing style, as well as your curiosity.

He quotes from Reportr.net this;

“I ask job applicants if they have a blog. Most of them don’t. Then I ask them if they read my blog. About half of them haven’t.

“The two questions tell me a lot about the candidates.

“First, if they have a blog, it gives me an indication of their passion for writing and communicating. It also allows me to see how their unedited writing reads. I rarely pay attention to submitted clips; I know how good editing can make a mediocre writer appear positively Halberstamian.

“Finally, in answering the question, they usually let on what they think of blogging and digital. Believe it, some trash blogs.

“Second, if they haven’t read my blog, it tells me they haven’t done their homework. That makes the candidate a non-starter.

“Actually, it helps winnow down the candidates pretty quickly.”

Then poses a question about marketing. He states that he’d probably have very few folks passing the “Do you Blog? / Do you read our Blog” test. 

Now, I’m not blogging to get a new job, unless it’s a crap week at work (which it is this week, so make me an offer). I started because my boyfriend had a blog and had all these secret friends, and when we were in America he had secret coffee and beer meetings with these secret friends, and I met one of these secret friends for dinner in San Fransisco, and he seemed very nice and smart, and not too weird.   So when we got back, I started one. And I started to take twitter a bit more seriously, and I stumbled across Ben Kunz and his good blog and thinking, and he had links to the Plaid people and their blogs, and the Herd people and Cow people and their blogs, and it just kept going. And the information and ideas that I have picked up from these people is invaluable. It’s opened a whole new world for me – just to get in and check the old RSS feed in the morning over a coffee is a fine way to start to day.  I am still amazed that this stuff is just there, and it’s free.  There may be some people reading this who say “derrrr sweetheart, where have you been for the past zillion years.” But every night I get home and have a chat with mm about things we’ve read, and ideas they have sparked, and things then that have happened in the work we do as a result. It has made things more interesting and diverse.

So marketing folks – If we need to start embracing the whole world of new media (especially given we appear to have recognised it’s a lucritive new pot of money to tap into), then shouldn’t we be living it as well – getting in and experimenting and trying stuff out, so we can at least talk about it credibly, with experience. Not just something we’ve read about, but something we are contributing to?

[oh – and Cheryl’s quote below reminded me of the good people over at molt:n as well who have good things to say about design and stuff]


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