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Oh Mother

I was very amused to read that Coke is relaunching Mother – it’s dismal fifth (?) attempt into the energy category.  Not long ago I recall reading that Coke was sticking to Mother as is, even though they recognised that people didn’t like the taste and they’d overcome it by “distribution” (in which Coke rules the world) and “sampling” (which is odd as no amount of sampling would have made it taste better). 

Their new packs will have a band at the top of the can which boldly declares “tastes nothing like the old one” – which I sort of admire.  “Yes – we fucked up – but we’re trying!” 

Mojo has been dropped from the relaunch roster.  They were responsible as well for the failed Fruitopia relaunch.  Wonder if they have any more biz on any other brands over at Coke anymore?


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