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Quite Bonkers

In 2008 and 2009 I did quite a fair bit of travel for work. In 2008 I was away for probably about three months all up on biz.  And on those trips I stayed in lots of hotels and brought back all the soap and other bathroom bits. I used to like to use them as hand soaps in the bathroom. The body wash and shampoo was great to take to the pool or away for the weekend. After a while I realised I had collected quite a bit of bathroom bits. Like A LOT of bathroom bits. They ended up all in an overnight bag and since 2008 mm and I have been rummaging the bag and not once have we had to buy soap, body wash or shampoo.  Over two years.

That’s a bit bonkers isn’t it? I mean, I did a lot of travel, but should there be enough soap and other bits to provide ‘bathroom care’ for over two years? For two people and their guests?   We are starting to reach the end of our bag of bathroom bits. The end of a bag of lots of small plastic bottles. The plastic bottles that maybe are tossed away as they are half empty when left in a shower, or a cake of soap tossed after one wash of the hands.

More hotels need to do what the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto does. They have small hand crafted cakes of soap, shampoo and body moisturiser. All of them are cakes, and they are sparingly wrapped in a simple paper strip.

So while this last two years have been great – no soap buying, no body wash, no shampoo (I guess I don’t wash my hair much but that’s for another post…) but I can’t help thinking that the whole little bottles of bathroom bits in hotels is just a bit bonkers. They go on and on about “saving water” and reusing your towels, but still fill their showers with millions and millions of tiny plastic bottles. Silly stuff indeed.



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