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Frocking Cold

Sorry about my lack of posts – I’ve had a cold and at night when I normally do my updates, I have been grovelling on the couch, blowing my nose and coughing like I have a two pack a day habit.

So, today is Thursday and here is an update on where I am at;


MY GOD – YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!  I have well exceeded my target of $500, so the OCRF will get over a grand thanks to all of you! I am gobsmacked at how generous everyone has been, although not amazed at how wonderful you all are as I knew that already. THANK YOU SO MUCH XX

And if you are reading and still want to donate, please do! The more the merrier and it is going to fund a much needed early screening kit to help women detect Ovarian Cancer earlier. And it’s early detection that gives people a better chance at beating cancer.


Monday was a pretty blerg day in Sydney, and I was really starting to feel the effects of my cold. A dress I did not want to wear, but a dress is what I wore. It was a Gorman kind of day with a Gorman chambray dress, Gorman navy trench and my trusty Camper boots. Obligatory umbrella!

Tuesday I was at home, but spent most of this on the couch or shuffling around the neighbourhood out in the sunshine with Fin. Outfit so boring (my day off uniform of a striped t-shirt and a denim skirt), and me so uninspired, I forgot to even take a photo.

Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. Why I went into the office I don’t know. Maybe because I was delirious. But the walk from Circular Quay to Millers Point was great – sunshine and warmth and a bloody big liner at the overseas passenger terminal. I also had a tops lunch with my friend Paco at Fratelli Fresh. Sardines on toast. OH MY GOD. So good! Also got quite a lot of work done amazingly although at some points it felt like my head was about to blow up – literally. I have a bit of washing to do, so the outfit was a bit grab-bag. Gorman tulip skirt, Kate Sylvester t-shirt, Witchery tuxedo jacket and again – Camper boots as there was the expectation of rain. I didn’t care about setting up my little tripod in Circular Quay. It’s amazing how when you are sick your care factor goes to zero.

Nothing to post about what I am wearing today yet. It’s a day off so it’s another denim skirt and t-shirt day. Fin and I are off to the movies to see The Social Network, which may or may not confirm that a) Alan Sorkin is one of my fave scriptwriters and b) I really do loathe facebook.

Three more days of frock wearing. I wistfully hope I am able to wear a dress I bought last month from Laurence Pasquier. It’s pale mint. It’s long. It has a ruffle. It will be the jewel in the crown of Frocktober for me (and get me out of a denim skirt and t-shirt!) Fingers crossed as Saturday is looking good!


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So frocking tired…

Coming down with a cold, and having a total of six hours sleep in two days meant Friday was a long and tough day. But it was such a nice day outsdie – sunshine, warmth and a gentle breeze. Circular Quay was lovely! It was also breast cancer pink ribbon day, so bought an enamel ribbon at the station and headed off to work.

I look a bit hesitant in the picture as I felt a bit of a tool setting up my iPhone gorillapod on Argyl Street – people were setting up the markets and having a bit of a stare.  I am not hesitant about the outfit. Had to see a client so wnated to look a bit smart – and was pretty happy. Top: Karen Walker Runway black and blue blouse – can’t see as I have on a Laurence Pasquier jacket, but it has nice flouncy elbow length sleeves. Gorman organic cotton chambray tulip skirt. Wore a pair of denim low wedges by Built by Wendy. I love these shoes, but they lacerate my big toes. They hurt a bit getting to the office and when I took them off to put on a bandaid my toes were bleeding. Still painful (especially as my son decided today to grab my feet and bite down on my big toe, right in the same spot as my shoes cut me).   M by MJ bag.

All good! I got home Friday night, MM cooked a lovely dinner, and I flaked out. Bliss!

Frocktober is all about raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Remember to donate! Find out how to here.  If you do sponsor me any way other than give me the cash, make sure you let me know how much (I don’t know how much if you use paypal or do a direct deposit) as I will match every dollar I raise up to $500.

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Frocking 9 to 5

I do actually work – just two days a week at the moment, and since the commencement of my Frocktober odyseey this was my first day in the office.

I quite like getting dressed for work. It’s a chance for me to wear jewelry if I feel like it (it tends to get grabbed and yanked by little hands at home) and also wear fabrics that should not be covered in paw prints or drool due to lack of cleaning ease . It’s also not a chore – 5 days a week deciding what to wear can can be painful, but two days a week is fun.

Today I wore a grey silk top designed by my genius friend Trish who is one half behind the lovely label Laurence Pasquier. You cannot get an idea from these quite sketchy pictures just how beautiful this top is. Wore it with a full skirt by Gorman, a witchery tuxedo jacket that my friend Chris gave me (thanks love – I wear this more than you can imagine!) and a pair of See by Chloe shoes that I got on sale in Bloomies in SF and I am happy to say were about $150 cheaper in the states than what you pay here for them. Bag by M by MJ (Hong Kong bargain!) and M by MJ sunnies. Now these sunnies are a crack. They are black – sort of cats eye shape with green clouds on them. I love these so much – got them in Chicago in June. They bring a little smile every time I pop them on.

I am very lucky as my walk to work is pretty cool. Through Circular Quay – with a great view over the harbour, then a walk through the Rocks, down to the other side at Millers Point. It’s a great start to the day – I never get tired of how beautiful it is.

The cobbles can be a bitch – even with flat shoes, but it’s nice to be able to stagger over what is pretty much the original part of Sydney, and the sandstone is lovely.

Don’t forget, Frocktober is all about raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Please donate – I will match every dollar you donate up to $500. So if you slip me a fiver, the OCRF gets a tenner. It’s win-win!  Find out how to donate here – it’s too easy!

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Frockbelly: A Tale of Two outfits

Wednesday was truly a hump day for me. I was worn down and tired. I had a go at two outfits, and the second one lifted my spirits a bit more. But it was the pork and fennel sausage roll that really rocked my world.

Outfit one:

I had a throw on something quickly in the morning, so didn’t really think too hard. Navy and white striped top, a grey marle skirt and my Tod’s. But when I was about to leave again I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and  decided I had to change…

Outfit 2:

My trusty dragstar denim skirt, a green cotton top from anthroplogy, and my mui mui sandals. There, that’s better. Thumbs up!

But what was totally ace about Wednesday was a pork and fennel sausage roll from Bourke Street Bakery.

So remember folks – while you may be getting some amusement reading these updates (and I know you are reading…) I’m not seeing the sponsorship love yet. There’s no need to wait until the end of the month. Donate now! Find out all the details here. This is an awesome charity and is going towards something that all of us (even you fellas) really need; an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer. I repeat – donate now!

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Juno and the PayFrock

Hello dear readers

It’s been six days now since I’ve worn nothing but skirts or dresses. Today was another cold day, but got on with it straight away and wore tights and boots. The dress I wore is a Calvin Klein denim dress I got in Philadelphia earlier this year. It was crazy cheap and the sort of dress I always see little girls wear and envy. Denim, zip up the front, tie at the back. Simple. I wore it with a blue and red striped Dragstar t-shirt and when we were out and about a gorman cardie and a coat. Brrrrrr. Later on the day I even wore it when I took Fin out for a little ride. He seems to quite like to get out on the bike. I’m looking forward to going further afield than Marrickville Road.

So, I am doing this dress/skirt wearing thing to help raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. My donor number is 699861 and to find out how to sponsor me, see my last post here.

I was talking to my Mum this evening about Ovarian cancer and the early stage symptoms. They are the sorts of things that you may think to yourself are insignificant, and as the OCRF says, are not necessarily signs you have cancer.  But, if you are feeling these things persistently, or if things just feel a little different than normal – get them checked out.  These symptoms include;

  • Vague abdominal pain or pressure
  • Feeling of abdominal fullness, gas, nausea, indigestion – different to your normal sensations
  • Sudden abdominal swelling, weight gain or bloating
  • Persistent changes in bowel or bladder patterns
  • Low backache or cramps
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Unexplained weight loss

Read more about it here.

So please, donate the few extra bucks you may have found in the couch when you were plumping the cushions this morning!

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It’s frocking freezing!

Today I looked at my son and envied his jeans and sloppy joe ensemble. The wind is howling here, and despite the sunshine, it’s actually quite chilly. The warmth inside the house was cloying, and I thought I could get away with bare legs. Well, you can get away with bare legs, but they quickly turn into sad blue legs. So, after a quick dash out for brekky and back, I am back home, nice and warm.

Today I am wearing a black a-line skirt from dragstar that I’ve had for a few years, my favourite striped top (I have a few!) from Remo, a belt from Made590 and my spanking new Tod’s. I bought these specifically to wear with rolled up jeans, but broke them out today as I’d have to wait until November to give them a run.

Frocktober is all about raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation – to help find an early detection test. This doesn’t exist so means a lot of women dont’ find out they have Ovarian cancer until it’s too late. Which is why one Australian woman dies of ovarian cancer every ten hours.

I don’t have a supporter number yet, but if you’d like to donate money, please leave a message in the comments section and I can hound you for the cash when all that is sorted. My target is $500, and I will match every dollar up to $500! No donation is too small, so if you can spare a few bucks let me know.


Update: this weather demands leg covering! And boots!

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Today I realised how much jeans are a part of me. I really wanted to pull on a pair, but remembered it’s Froctober. it turned out a dress was a pretty good choice, as even though it was a bit cloudy with a little rain, it was humid and warm. Perfect dress weather!

I bought a new bike today and as it’s a step-through I can still don a frock and ride!  I rode home today from the bike shop and it was great. Can’t wait now to get Fin a helmet so we can hit the streets together.

So, the frock I donned today was an old American Apparel black dress, over the top of an old Gorman t-shirt, with some trusty camper black sandals. I felt a bit glum wearing it at first. I’ve never really liked the dress. I got it in New York, and quite liked it there, but then never really got into it back here. Today though, after a while it was quite good. It’s very comfortable, and I feel better about it when I wear a jacket. Which I did. These pics are taken at Black Star in Newtown. I also wore my Tatty Devine glasses necklace, which Fin finds pretty fascinating.


Remember, Frocktober is all about raising money for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Did you know that one Australian woman dies of Ovarian cancer every ten hours? I didn’t know that. Apparently a lot of women who are diagnosed with it are well advanced. Looking at the symptoms I can understand why. They are the sorts of things that women get quite a lot, or write off as “just stuff women feel” – like bloating, abdominal pain, low backache… There is no ealry screening test for Ovarian Cancer. Frocktober is all about raising money to help find one.

I haven’t got my registration number yet but as soon as I do I’ll let you all know. Remember, I want to raise $500 and I’ll match that $500 with another!

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