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This girl is so cool she is arctic…

Tavi was brought to my attention via Julian from adspace pioneers.   Her blog is great – it’s funny, she has some great outfits and she’s obviously very intelligent.  I did a bit of research as Julian mentioned she has popped up in other publications and it appears there has been some controversy around Tavi and people demanding to know if she is real, wondering does someone else “style” her, is she actually 12…etc 

The whole thing gets pretty weird and nasty when this vaguely catty article was published in The Cut ; with some jaw-droppingly nasty comments. 

“Anyone who actually believes she is 12 is an absolute idiot. So to be interesting and relevant she HAS to be 12. If she were saying these things and in her 20’s , as she no doubt is, it is mundane and boring. The ONLY thing slightly amusing and or interesting about this is how many people they can get to believe that is is for real.”

and my favourite;

“The writer asks some valid questions – it’s very unusual for a 12 year-old to know who Iggy Pop is. No one’s saying it’s impossible but it’s unusual. And it’s always good to question why something (a blog, a person, whatever) becomes popular.”

WTF? A twelve year old kid, who has a bit of taste (actually, a lot of taste) must be a fake, because it’s suspicious she knows about iggy pop? 

One person even does a bit of “analysis” on Tavi…(I mention this as it mentions a copy of Australian Vogue…)

“Given that one acquaintance says Tavi is a theatrical actress, it’s possible that she’s just that mentally sophisticated, and if she really bought an Australian Vogue herself, I’m guessing her family isn’t doing too badly and she’s quite possibly in an environment where she can have been surrounded by that much cultural sophistication for all her life, and if you add some precociousness on top, voilà.”

A lot of support for tavi though came out in the comments but I wonder what it’s like for a 12 year old to read about herself being dissected and assasinated in such a way – when she is just being herself.

So two things strike me

– I’m not so much amazed that a 12 year old can be so cool and have such style and produce a great site.  I think there’s been kids like Tavi out there since time immemorial, but the difference today is that they don’t just impact a small group, but now have a platform to share their ideas and thoughts with first other people like themselves, then a larger group as the word and their url spreads.

– the other thing is how “full-on” it then becomes. So Tavi doesn’t just have to deal with the probably narrow-minded MOR kids at school who probably think she’s a bit of a freak, but also a whole bunch of chattery, bitchy people arguing if she is real, or if she is 12.  

I subscribe to her site now; reading it today has left me with great feelings of creativity and curiosity and individuality. And I look foward to seeing what other stuff she has found, and what she is thinking about.


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Second-hand Rose wearin’ second hand [designer] clothes

This week has been super-crazy-mad.  I’m just getting round to giving my inbox a good clean, file and polish.

Only just getting to read my Springwise newsletter – they send out a nice, short and punchy weekly update on new biz ideas that others have spotted for them. Here is my spotting claim to fame. (They are connected to Trendwatching.com.)

Through them I just read about this. What a cracking idea. Filippa K now sells customers second hand clothes. Not only does it promote the idea of re-using things it also is a great testament to the quality of their product.  Smashing!

I have a set of these little cups from Filippa K…impossible to hold if filled with hot tea, but quite nice to look at holding my make-up bits and bobs.

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