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Value in Meaning

I was discussing this shot with someone (taken on a street in the Gold Coast area in Chicago) about the meaning of the stencil.  Maybe he was more “civic minded” than me but he thought it was all “free speech” – “right on!” – that on that street, your thoughts mattered, and you should share them.

I, on the other hand, thought it was a little sleazier and at night, that street turned into an area were a different sort of value was created.  Maybe my mind is in the gutter, but the context of a stencil, on a side-street, on a cold day in Chicago, on a street I’d never been to, the message seemed anything but high-brow.

The moral of the story; intrigue is good sometimes, but other times it can get you into trouble.



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There’s something lovely about the word cloud. For some it may mean being a being downcast and sad, but for me it’s more about optimism and fuzzy-good-feelings.   One of my favourite public sculptures is Cloud Gate, by Anish Kapoor.  Every time I have been to see it – in the heat or the snow – people are always intrigued by the reflections it creates, and I love how it mirrors the sky so at some angles you can’t see where the sculpture ends and the sky starts.

CapitalD – the source of so much good stuff, sent me a lovely image today created using Wordle.  This site helps you create “beautiful word clouds”.  And the image below is a word cloud based on this very blog.

Thanks D!

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