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response: regarding “Green ideas must take blame for deaths” (12th February)

 to me

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Dear Kelly,

Recently you contacted ReaderLink. The following outlines The Herald’s response:

Miranda Devine’s articles appear in The Herald’s opinion pages, and like all our opinion pieces her article is intended to stimulate debate and discussion among our readers. Much of this debate takes place in the daily Letters pages.
To respond to Herald opinion pieces you needs to send your comments to: letters@smh.com.au .

Your interest in Herald Publications is appreciated and has provided us with valuable feedback.
Please quote 00138031 if you wish to contact ReaderLink again.

Justine & Ben

Contact us:
02 9282 1569
9.00 am – 3.00 pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

Kelly Tall

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(Apologies I pressed send too soon – )

Dear Justine and Ben

“Your interest in Herald Publications is appreciated and has provided us with valuable feedback.
Please quote 00138031 if you wish to contact Rea
derLink again”

I am telling you I am never buying anything from Fairfax or visiting another Fairfax website because of an offensive article. 

Her article was NOT designed to stimulate any debate and discussion, it was to INFLAME it and promote hatred.
She was calling for a group to be lynched. 
This is irresponsible.  
It is journalism at it’s worst.
It is not what I expected from the Sydney Morning Herald.
This is a tragedy and shocking that you would allow this to be printed in response to this tragedy
You are not the tabloid in this market so why are you acting like it? 
Do you have a standard response you always say about Miranda Devine’s articles? 
Do your editors care at all about how disgusting her piece was, or are they happy about all the anger and hatred she has stirred up, the hits it has probably driven to your website which in turn gives you something nice to tell the advertisers?
I don’t care about the letter pages. I want YOU to know you have lost a reader. 

Kind regards
Kelly Tall



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regarding “Green ideas must take blame for deaths” (12th February)

 to; letters@smh.com.au, readerlink@smh.com.au

cc; devinemiranda@hotmail.com

subject: regarding “Green ideas must take blame for deaths” (12th February)

Sir / Madam

After your publication of Miranda Devine’s opinion piece “Green ideas must take blame for deaths” (12th February) I will not be visiting your website, nor buying a copy of The Sydney Morning Herald ever again.

While I understand this was an “opinion” piece I feel it was very poor judgment by the Sydney Morning Herald Editors to publish a piece so clearly designed to stir up and promote hatred, set against such a tragic and horrible event. People are already confused, angry and saddened by what has happened. It was irresponsible and insensitive to lay claim to an such a simplistic answer on who is to blame now, and in the manner that Devine did.

“It is not arsonists who should be hanging from lamp-posts but greenies.”  I cannot believe any paper would publish this at any time, let alone less than a week after what your own journalists have described as one of our country’s greatest tragedies. Devine has conveniently left out the environmental factors contributing to that day (extremely high temperatures and strong winds) and lay blame at the foot of environmentalists without any real facts to back up her argument.

While Ms Devine remains in your employment, and you still allow her to write such inflammatory and insensitive “opinion pieces”  I no longer wish to have anything to do with your publication, or indeed anything to do with any of Fairfax Limited’s associated entities.

Kind Regards

Kelly Tall

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