About me

My name is Kelly.

I live in Sydney. I have worked as a market research consultant for over 13 years. I stopped being so interested in the cut-and-thrust (and exhaustion) of life as a qualitative researcher when I had my son in 2009, so I currently freelance so I can hang out with him a bit more (as well as do some work with some cool people – win/win!). I am married to a very wise man who supplies me with most of my good ideas. He and I have a very nice life together.

Alongside freelancing I am also am exploring the world of graphic design and data visualisation – maybe it’s where I want to head over the next few years. I am investigating that sort of stuff over here.

I have another blog called Godzookie Baby where I write (infrequently) about doing stuff with my son, and being a mum and that sort of stuff.

If you flickr I am here.

If you twitter here I am

I also cut and paste things in my other Tumblr scrapbook.



2 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Kelly, I started a list of Australian bloggers by region at http://www.dpdialogue.com.au/zakazukhazoo/the-complete-list-of-australian-marketing-interwebs-bloggers-sorted-by-region/ and Dirk Singer (http://www.thisisherd.com/) suggested I add you to it, so I did! Thought I’d give you a heads-up 🙂 Love your work, Matt

  2. kelpenhagen

    Dirk is my pimp!

    Thanks for adding me!

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