It’s been really interesting listening to the responses kicking around about the flood levy proposed by the government. There is another debate to be had as to whether we need a permanent disaster fund, but it’s pretty clear the flood devastation across QLD, Northern NSW and Victoria has resulted in significant infrastructure devastation. Not the devastation that is covered (hopefully) by a home insurance policy, but the type to hit roads, rail lines, and other public facilities we take for granted like parks, pools, public spaces…

Another debate needs to be had about whether there should be anyone living in the low lying, flood prone areas, but agagin – that’s another debate to be had. What is clear is that people need help now.

It appears though that Tony Abbot has been campaigning off the back of the levy. And thanks to that piece by John Birmingham, I have been alerted to the stingingly funny post by Girl Clumsy.   If you object to paying the levy, she will pay it for you. But there is a catch. Read about it here.


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  1. macarthursmutterings

    I can’t believe how mean spirited people quickly became, the damage has been done and the government needs to rebuild roads etc, if they don’t they would be hounded out of government. At least with the levy it is an open and honest way of raining the money required, without it they just have to squirrel money away from other budgets which the public would then accuse them of “stealing”. And really at the end of the day when looked at by week, it is hardly going to cost the individual a great among.

    But I do thing Australia is in dire need of a sovereign fund that would help pay for rebuilding in times like this.

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