Sometimes you forget how great Sydney is. Festival time really smacks you over the head how great this city can be. This weekend I was lucky to see two shows in the Concert Hall at the Opera House.  It’s beautiful.

The last time I saw Sufjan Stevens it was one of my highlights of 2008. He did it again. Such an uplifting, fantastic show.

and on Sunday night we went to see Cat Power, who staged a haunting, melodic show that was very sweet indeed.

And then there’s the house itself. Wow. What a building. As Sufjan said – our spaceship.

We even had a little trip to Opera in the Park on Saturday  night as a family. It was a magic evening and a great production of Carmen.

Ah Sydney – you can be a magical place.




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2 responses to “Local

  1. I visited Sydney as a tourist from the UK a couple of years ago and although I thought it was great – what a harbour! – I couldn’t imagine living there. I have since emigrated to Perth and visited Sydney again a couple of weeks back. Ignored most of the touristy stuff this time but saw Eddie Perfect at the Spiegeltent and had some amazing meals…brilliant. I still think your public transport and cycle lanes need a bit of work but you’re right, Sydney can be a magical place.

  2. kelpenhagen

    We wanted to see Eddie Perfect but missed it. I hear he was great. Saw Kitty, Daisy and Lewis one night at the Spiegeltent – and a few days later went back in the day to see Lah Lah with my son.

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