Double Local

It’s been open a long time, but I feel I should mention how nice Bloodwod is. mm and I went out on our first real night out since having Fin. I’ve been a few times since for a pre-show /pre-party drink. Sometimes I’m not sure what to make of the food. It’s always good, but maybe it’s what I choose and how it sits together. It worked well this Sunday night. Met my friend Chris and I shared a great cuttlefish salad and a walnut and beetroot tart. Best so far.

What often cannot be faulted is the service. Lovely, personable, professional service. Such nice staff. There is one girl there who is so on the ball – a laugh, great suggestions, a smile. She is great. But they are all great.

It’s nice to have somewhere local that is a bit special, but still warm and friendly. And places like this can be very rare. We need to be kind to this place so it doesn’t go away.


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