Frocking Cold

Sorry about my lack of posts – I’ve had a cold and at night when I normally do my updates, I have been grovelling on the couch, blowing my nose and coughing like I have a two pack a day habit.

So, today is Thursday and here is an update on where I am at;


MY GOD – YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!  I have well exceeded my target of $500, so the OCRF will get over a grand thanks to all of you! I am gobsmacked at how generous everyone has been, although not amazed at how wonderful you all are as I knew that already. THANK YOU SO MUCH XX

And if you are reading and still want to donate, please do! The more the merrier and it is going to fund a much needed early screening kit to help women detect Ovarian Cancer earlier. And it’s early detection that gives people a better chance at beating cancer.


Monday was a pretty blerg day in Sydney, and I was really starting to feel the effects of my cold. A dress I did not want to wear, but a dress is what I wore. It was a Gorman kind of day with a Gorman chambray dress, Gorman navy trench and my trusty Camper boots. Obligatory umbrella!

Tuesday I was at home, but spent most of this on the couch or shuffling around the neighbourhood out in the sunshine with Fin. Outfit so boring (my day off uniform of a striped t-shirt and a denim skirt), and me so uninspired, I forgot to even take a photo.

Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. Why I went into the office I don’t know. Maybe because I was delirious. But the walk from Circular Quay to Millers Point was great – sunshine and warmth and a bloody big liner at the overseas passenger terminal. I also had a tops lunch with my friend Paco at Fratelli Fresh. Sardines on toast. OH MY GOD. So good! Also got quite a lot of work done amazingly although at some points it felt like my head was about to blow up – literally. I have a bit of washing to do, so the outfit was a bit grab-bag. Gorman tulip skirt, Kate Sylvester t-shirt, Witchery tuxedo jacket and again – Camper boots as there was the expectation of rain. I didn’t care about setting up my little tripod in Circular Quay. It’s amazing how when you are sick your care factor goes to zero.

Nothing to post about what I am wearing today yet. It’s a day off so it’s another denim skirt and t-shirt day. Fin and I are off to the movies to see The Social Network, which may or may not confirm that a) Alan Sorkin is one of my fave scriptwriters and b) I really do loathe facebook.

Three more days of frock wearing. I wistfully hope I am able to wear a dress I bought last month from Laurence Pasquier. It’s pale mint. It’s long. It has a ruffle. It will be the jewel in the crown of Frocktober for me (and get me out of a denim skirt and t-shirt!) Fingers crossed as Saturday is looking good!


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