So frocking tired…

Coming down with a cold, and having a total of six hours sleep in two days meant Friday was a long and tough day. But it was such a nice day outsdie – sunshine, warmth and a gentle breeze. Circular Quay was lovely! It was also breast cancer pink ribbon day, so bought an enamel ribbon at the station and headed off to work.

I look a bit hesitant in the picture as I felt a bit of a tool setting up my iPhone gorillapod on Argyl Street – people were setting up the markets and having a bit of a stare.  I am not hesitant about the outfit. Had to see a client so wnated to look a bit smart – and was pretty happy. Top: Karen Walker Runway black and blue blouse – can’t see as I have on a Laurence Pasquier jacket, but it has nice flouncy elbow length sleeves. Gorman organic cotton chambray tulip skirt. Wore a pair of denim low wedges by Built by Wendy. I love these shoes, but they lacerate my big toes. They hurt a bit getting to the office and when I took them off to put on a bandaid my toes were bleeding. Still painful (especially as my son decided today to grab my feet and bite down on my big toe, right in the same spot as my shoes cut me).   M by MJ bag.

All good! I got home Friday night, MM cooked a lovely dinner, and I flaked out. Bliss!

Frocktober is all about raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Remember to donate! Find out how to here.  If you do sponsor me any way other than give me the cash, make sure you let me know how much (I don’t know how much if you use paypal or do a direct deposit) as I will match every dollar I raise up to $500.


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