Frocking 9 to 5

I do actually work – just two days a week at the moment, and since the commencement of my Frocktober odyseey this was my first day in the office.

I quite like getting dressed for work. It’s a chance for me to wear jewelry if I feel like it (it tends to get grabbed and yanked by little hands at home) and also wear fabrics that should not be covered in paw prints or drool due to lack of cleaning ease . It’s also not a chore – 5 days a week deciding what to wear can can be painful, but two days a week is fun.

Today I wore a grey silk top designed by my genius friend Trish who is one half behind the lovely label Laurence Pasquier. You cannot get an idea from these quite sketchy pictures just how beautiful this top is. Wore it with a full skirt by Gorman, a witchery tuxedo jacket that my friend Chris gave me (thanks love – I wear this more than you can imagine!) and a pair of See by Chloe shoes that I got on sale in Bloomies in SF and I am happy to say were about $150 cheaper in the states than what you pay here for them. Bag by M by MJ (Hong Kong bargain!) and M by MJ sunnies. Now these sunnies are a crack. They are black – sort of cats eye shape with green clouds on them. I love these so much – got them in Chicago in June. They bring a little smile every time I pop them on.

I am very lucky as my walk to work is pretty cool. Through Circular Quay – with a great view over the harbour, then a walk through the Rocks, down to the other side at Millers Point. It’s a great start to the day – I never get tired of how beautiful it is.

The cobbles can be a bitch – even with flat shoes, but it’s nice to be able to stagger over what is pretty much the original part of Sydney, and the sandstone is lovely.

Don’t forget, Frocktober is all about raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Please donate – I will match every dollar you donate up to $500. So if you slip me a fiver, the OCRF gets a tenner. It’s win-win!  Find out how to donate here – it’s too easy!


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