Can you recommend…?

I am trialling some on-line qual software at work at the moment and it’s pretty good. Keen though to get any recommendations from people who are using any good stuff themselves at the moment.  I’d like it to have a lot of flexibility –

  • be able to use for  simple bulletin-board style discussions right up to more complex, longer-term research communities
  • have multi-media capabilities – people can upload images and movies
  • have mobile capabilities (either via an app, or MMS capability) / be able to use for digital ethnography
  • simple and intuitive back-end interface so researchers can get on with researching and not worry about complex set-up (easy to load up sample / easy to down load reports / set up segment groups etc)

The solution I am trialling appears to be ticking all the boxes so far (can you guess who it is?), but keen to see if I am missing out on anything else out there.

Let me know if you have any tips!

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