Frock and Roll

Thanks to Sarah for the suggestions for titles. This one is quite appropriate, as today we got Fin a little bike helmut and had a roll on the bike this afternoon. He quite enjoyed it, which is great news!

This morning I took Fin to swimming lessons. I wanted to wear tracksuit pants. I even tried them on to see how nice they felt. But I left the house wearing a trusty old denim skirt from Genki in Melbourne, an Acne hoodie and a navy and white striped top. I was going to get changed into something a little more exciting when we got home, but in the end didn’t bother.

I have my registration number so it’s time to pull out the spare $2 rolling around the bottom of your bags and donate!

My number is 699861.

There are a few ways to donate…

  1. Cash: just fill out my donation form when donating your money.
  2. On-line payment: visit, go to the ‘donate’ page and include my registration number in the confirmation page.
  3. Cheque / Money Order: Please make payable to Frocktober Incorporated and post to Frocktober Inc, 10 Mulquiney Crescent, Highton VIC 3216.
  4. Electronic Funds Transfer: Enter my registration number in the ‘reference’ field from your internet banking service. This will help track your payment.

Account name: Frocktober Inc

BSB 633000

Account number 134323187

So, dig deep! If you donate other than giving cash to me drop me a line to let me know how much, so I know how much I have to match!

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