What a beautiful Sydney day! I got to take my new bike for a spin to the markets, we bumped into some friends there and ate some yummy food, and MM and I did a few things around the house that needed doing.

Perfect weather for bearing the legs!

The great thing about my new bike is that it’s a “ladies bike” – a classic step-through. Unlike my old bike that I had to don all kinds of special clothing, my new bike requires only the clothing I am wearing right now. No special shirts, no clippy shoes and no “age of chance” style cycling tops. And that means I can wear a skirt or dress.

The bike was quite a hit at the markets with a few people asking me about it. Saw one guy snapping a picture which he told me he posted on twitter. My friend Bek had a mini ride of it, and her kids wanted a go to, so they jumped (in turns!) on the back rack and had a little spin.

So, with bike riding in mind, I wore another Dragstar skirt. This time a dark denim one, a Gorman checked shirt I got last week on eBay, a grey cardi and a pair of camper trainers. Later when I got home I swapped the trainers from some mui mui sandals.

Remember – I’m doing this dress/skirt thing for a reason and it’s to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help there work at establishing an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer – so dig deep and pull out that small change. Anything over $2 is tax deductible!


*I have to admit – I feel like I am running out of headings featuring “frock” – any suggestions let me know!


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