Today I realised how much jeans are a part of me. I really wanted to pull on a pair, but remembered it’s Froctober. it turned out a dress was a pretty good choice, as even though it was a bit cloudy with a little rain, it was humid and warm. Perfect dress weather!

I bought a new bike today and as it’s a step-through I can still don a frock and ride!  I rode home today from the bike shop and it was great. Can’t wait now to get Fin a helmet so we can hit the streets together.

So, the frock I donned today was an old American Apparel black dress, over the top of an old Gorman t-shirt, with some trusty camper black sandals. I felt a bit glum wearing it at first. I’ve never really liked the dress. I got it in New York, and quite liked it there, but then never really got into it back here. Today though, after a while it was quite good. It’s very comfortable, and I feel better about it when I wear a jacket. Which I did. These pics are taken at Black Star in Newtown. I also wore my Tatty Devine glasses necklace, which Fin finds pretty fascinating.


Remember, Frocktober is all about raising money for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Did you know that one Australian woman dies of Ovarian cancer every ten hours? I didn’t know that. Apparently a lot of women who are diagnosed with it are well advanced. Looking at the symptoms I can understand why. They are the sorts of things that women get quite a lot, or write off as “just stuff women feel” – like bloating, abdominal pain, low backache… There is no ealry screening test for Ovarian Cancer. Frocktober is all about raising money to help find one.

I haven’t got my registration number yet but as soon as I do I’ll let you all know. Remember, I want to raise $500 and I’ll match that $500 with another!

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