Frocking Good Fun

I am a little late to jump on board but only yesterday I was alerted that October is FROCKTOBER! I saw on twitter that @girlbug was taking part on this “frock a day” event that raises money for Ovarian cancer. I was relieved that it’s not all frocks but also skirts.

So, next month, the blokes can get all macho with their tashes, but in October, us ladies can get lady like in our skirts. Sounds good to me!

Today was a perfect start to baring the legs. Fin and I walked from the city and met up with pals in Ruschutters Bay, then we headed back and met MM for some night noodle market action. Perfect frock weather. I wore a Rodeo Show dress I’ve had for a while, and some Gorman/Funkis red clogs, and my mui mui bag. It was the first time I’d really got the clogs out for a stretch and even though I walked from the City to Ruschutters and back, the feet feel good.

I’ve only just registered on the frocktober site so waiting for my registration number for donations. But I will be posting my frock every day, and asking you all to donate. I’d like to raise $500, and I will match $500!




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3 responses to “Frocking Good Fun

  1. That’s an amazing pledge! Wow.

    Frock on! 🙂

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  3. kelpenhagen

    Frock on to you too!

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