Crap enough for you may be good enough for others

I’ve been thinking for a while about the “good enough” explosion in tech, and want to write more about this, but for the time being I will just leave you with a little memory that popped into my head.

A client of many years ago was complaining about how crap this promotion was that his activation team had set up. Without giving too much away it was a promo that aimed to drive purchase – you bought product X, got a token, and when you got enough tokens you got a prize. This guy was moaning about how crap this prize was, and how no one would value it (despite the fact redemption of this prize was HUGE.) I’d been dong some work out west that very week and a lot of teenage boys had told me how FANTASTIC the prize was, and how they had saved their tokens for weeks to get this prize.  So, this guy was looking at the prize with his “value-judgement-eyes” and not through the eyes of the target; who thought the promo was awesome and thought the brand was doing a really amazing thing by giving them this prize. The prize was a pretty basic piece of kit, but something the young guys valued. It didn’t have any bells or whistles, it just did the thing they needed it to do, and for that it they were really grateful. It was GOOD ENOUGH, and therefore it was very good.

Maybe this marketing guy’s  mates had been giving him shit at a swanky bar about how crap the prize was. Maybe he didn’t need a prize like this in his own life. But essentially what was crap-tastic for him, rocked the world of who it was supposed to.

(Sorry to be cryptic about what this prize was, but it may give away who the client was and while they aren’t a client anymore, I just don’t want to go there – you know what I mean?)


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