Facebook – damned lies and other rubbish

Interesting. Just reading “Facebook Executive Answers Readers Questions” in the NYT and his explanation of the difference between a deactivated account and the deletion of an account.

As previously posted here I deleted my account in 2008 and it wasn’t easy. I had to actually find a site that gave instructions on how to find the button to push to kill off my account because it was impossible to find just navigating blind through the facebook site.

Here is the readers question and the response for facebook.

“What happens when an account is deleted? Do one’s posts on walls, photos, and fan pages remain visible on the site? How long does user data remain on your servers? — A., Texas

You can either deactivate or delete your account. When you deactivate, your profile information and content (photos, videos, etc.) are immediately made inaccessible to others on Facebook. However, this information is saved in case you decide to reactivate later. Some people leave Facebook for
temporary reasons and expect their information and content to be there for them when they return. Messages you’ve sent or Wall posts you’ve made remain, but your name appears in black unclickable text (since your profile no longer appears on Facebook).

If you never want to use Facebook again, you can delete your account. Deletion is permanent, and the account can’t be reactivated. When we process your deletion request, we immediately delete all personal information associated with your account. Messages and Wall posts remain, but are attributed to an anonymous Facebook user. Content you’ve added is deleted over time, but isn’t accessible on Facebook, and isn’t linked with any personal information about you.”

Curious given that…

1) when I set up my account again recently I was immedialty offered up a list of people they thought I may like to add as friends. These were people I had been friends with on my old account. I used the same email address as I had previoulsy used so I can only assume they were matching my old data via this. Strange given that he states above “we immediately delete all personal information associated with your account“. Must have just been some bazaar coincidence that they suggested to friend a whole bunch of people I know out of all the gazilion faceboo users they could have pushed up. Yes, that must be it…

2) As mentioned in the last post I also got a pop up message last week asking me if I’d like to add a “back-up email account” and it displayed two email addresses that I had used at different points on my original account – which had been supposedly deleted by facebook. It made some glib apology about how they were sorry if these weren’t my email addresses. Gee thanks.

I SOOOO want to delete my account again, but what if some turkey decides to set up an account in my name? My email address isn’t that hard to find!

Deleted my data my arse. These guys are liars and what they are doing with people’s personal information is ILLEGAL.


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