The January Experiment

Post Post a day January didn’t go so well, and I think I know why. My heart is just not into what the kelpenhagen blog is about. There may be a few bits and pieces I may post here in the future but for the time being I have a feeling it will be on haitus until I go back to work.

What I have been up to though is start something new over at Godzookie Baby – a place where I’ll be posting things that are a bit more close to my heart right now.

I may be dropping in here occasionally, but otherwise, until October 2010!


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2 responses to “The January Experiment

  1. Whatever you do, keep writing Ms. Kelpenhagen. You’re very talented and insightful, and one of the few writers I find inspiring.

    Just realized your blog was back and now it’s going away again! *sigh*

  2. kelpenhagen

    thanks ben – that means a lot to me coming from you

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