More 80s memories…

Have been thinking more about the clubs and bars in Darlinghurst in the late 80s / early 90s.

SITE – next door to the Soho club. Monday nights was MADD club hosted by Maynard. (update: v excited as Maynard has left a comment – Mondays were one of my favourite nights to go out! And we had a membership card so it was free – v important for a young girl who was being paid about $7 an hour as a receptionist! ) Think Tuesdays were Meltdown (??). Friday night was also great but I can’t remember the name. I remember Saturdays being a goth night as I went there once and the girl on the door who I vaguely knew let me in for free as she knew I’d mixed up my nights and thought it was a Friday (I was a little sloshed).

SPAGOS – on Crown Street. Good for some mid-week or Sunday night dancing

FREEZER – Now Goodbar, and before the Freezer the Hip Hop club.

CLUB KAKADU – can you believe there was actually a club called Club Kakadu?  Was Mars for a while; not sre what it’s called now

THE EXCHANGE – We LOVED this place! As underage funsters, it had free entry, they were a bit laxed in the ID checking, and there was always dancing! When we were very young – about 16 – you had to have a pretty boy with you for them to let us in, but later on – maybe when we had become firm fag hags – it wasn’t a problem.

The Albury – another great place to go out. Drag shows every night and no cover charge. I remember that my friend and I moved into a terrace in Surry Hills late one Sunday afternoon (we were both nearly 17). We moved in with some great gay guys and later that night found ourselves drunk as skunks at the Albury celebrating the move with them. While we were all constantly broke, we always seemed to have money for a cask of wine! The Albury sadly closed and there is now a Puma store there. I always feel sad whenever I see that.

I will keep updating this as I think of more places. If you stumble across this, please add in any places you remember too in the comments.



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2 responses to “More 80s memories…

  1. Did you come to Madd Club reunion last Sat?

  2. kelpenhagen

    No! Didn’t know it was on! (and also have a little baby so evenings are a bit “out” for me right now) Was it fantastic?
    (I came to see a a friend in the “dag for a day” quiz at the old JJJ studios on William Street. I was excited as I was the only person who knew which two bands had a member called Roger Taylor! I am also from Wollongong and was thrilled to be told “that’s peeerrrttty daggy!” )

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