A is for Aesop

I’ve been a fan and committed user of Aesop for a while now (has it been ten years??). I love the stores, I love the staff, I love the packaging and oh yes, love the products too.

A few months ago I purchased some of their body balm in Myer in Melbourne and got it wrapped in this great bag. Printed on the bag is an A-Z of London. It tells you where to get jellied eels, find a classic old butcher, buy a nice bunch of flowers, as well as the usual bars and bistros.  And given Aesop has impeccable stores and products, I will take this little bag with me on my next trip to London inside the sleeve of my note-book to spark ideas on places to see.

What I love the most about this bag, and what has made me hang onto it all this time, is that while I have no idea if Aesop is on facebook, or has a twitter profile, they have taken their “conversation” with customers to the good old printing press (the original source of mass-communication) and printed some useful, fun and inspirational info on their bags. On lovely, scratchy brown paper. It’s on their website, but I like that this is tactile and was given to me when I bought something from them. A fair exchange.

and the other side of the bag is quite nice too…


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