Je m’ennui

This last few months I have been meaning to get back to my blog. It has been on a rather long hiatus – longer than even I realised. May was the last entry and a lot has happened since then.

In order to encourage myself to start writing again, I challenged myself to a “post-a-day-January”. And I also got a nice DM on twitter from a nice man who gave me a gentle tap to get on with it as well.  I managed to let the first day of the year slip by, but here I am on the 2nd Jan, beginning a post.

From early November up until now things have been a little blurry. Our amazing son has been here for 8 weeks now, and my daytime is broken up by 2 hour intervals when he feeds – it’s amazing how quickly they fly by when they are demarcated in this way. The evenings are a little less time-intensive, but I’ve been like a zombie (or a beached whale) on the couch. Anyhow, I’ve noticed how dull I’ve become. I can talk to you about the plot line of the bold and the beautiful (same old shit…Taylor versus Brooke,  Forester creations under siege etc etc – earily similar  to the last time I watched in the early 90s) and I have become a HUGE fan of TMZ – more on this later probably. But there is only so much you can talk about B&B or TMZ; and indeed, while my son is an endless source of fascination for me, and my friends are happy for us and his safe arrival – there is only so much I can talk about on that topic as well.

Basically, I feel I am boring. Je m’ennui. Literally translated – I bore myself. So this “post-a-day-January” is an attempt to talk about anything – some days it may indeed be all about the action in my son’s nappy, but I hope not.

I hope it gets me thinking again.

But here is a gratuitous picture of my son. He’s very sweet you see. He’s just stated to do this cute thing with spit…


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  1. Thx for your tweet about my blog. Very kind of you. I researched my family history online when I was on mat leave. Gave me a sense of purpose outside breastfeeding and burping. Highly recommend it.

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