And while I am at it…


Sunset in Erskineville by Was

Sunset in Erskineville by Was

Those pesky developers are trying for the second (or is it third?) time to get a DA approved for the Hive site on Erskineville Road. I have noticed they have changed the wording in their DA application from supermarket to “grocery store” – because that sounds so much more benign doesn’t it? 


Hello Mr Developer – the locals of the area have asked that you not be allowed to build a supermarket for them.  They don’t want you. They are afraid that you will increase traffic in what is already getting to be a pretty conjested road. They are worried you will change the character of what is one of Sydney’s nicest village atmospheres. You are not filling an unmet need as there are two decent sized supermarkets only a short walk away on King Street, and two pretty big supermarkets close by at Marrickville Metro and Broadway.  There is also a good deli, a mini-mart, a fruit shop etc on the strip on Erskineville Road itself.

We don’t need you, we don’t want you. Piss off!

If you feel the same way I do, I encourage you to visit the web page of the Village Friends that has all the information about the development and who to write to at Sydney Council.


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  1. Erik

    in doing a submission to the Council regards a development proposal I went to get a download of the Gowrie Street Conservation Area (CA27) map and found it has been removed from the Council’s website. The Town Planning department said that they inherited it from the old South Sydney Council and it was out of date and not worth maintaining. It covered Angel Street, Gowrie Street and Angel Lane – exactly the area proposed for the supermarket.

    Could this be a political move to remove it from public access and hence it make it easier to push unsuitable developments through if nobody knows the heritage listing exists? I know from seeing the Council’s long term plans (published last December) that they are going to permit 3 storey developments from the Imperial Hotel to the railway bridge along Erskineville Road and there was little mention of heritage listing.

    Is there any way you can ask that the Gowrie Street Conservation Area (CA27) be maintained and put back on the Council’s website? What are heritage maps are being removed from the Council’s website by stealth and vanish from people’s memories?

    Erko Enviro

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