Get a Room

Around late October, early November I am having a baby. I have decided to go all public – no stuffing around with obstetricians and the like, just my GP and the midwives at the birthing centre are going to manage my care.

Mostly it’s all been easy, and to top it off, all free. But I have to book a bed at the hospital for after the baby is born. And for four days I’ve been trying in vain to get through to the RPA antenatal admissions line. It’s constantly engaged (baby boom anyone?), and when it does ring, no one answers.

Not sure what will happen if I can’t get through. Will I have my baby and then they’ll send me home? Because I don’t have a reservation?



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2 responses to “Get a Room

  1. macarthursmutterings

    You can always stay at mine, as sure The All Knowing I would make a grand nurse, he can do almost anything that boy

  2. kelpenhagen

    Keep a bed free – we’ll arrive by cab – maybe Jana can stay too. You two could run a little service.

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