“What would you say if you had just 5 minutes to give your presentation? You get 20 slides, and each slide lasts 15 seconds.”

So, a big chunk of my life is spent giving what I hope are snappy, powerful presentations…but this will be a big challenge. 

22nd January is Ignite Sydney at the Shelbourne, and I am presenting “getting emotional: what digital marketers can learn from art history?”

Also there on the night will be;

  • Matt Moore : Words at work – what links Flickr, mind maps, and a vengeful God?
  • Jason Yip : Lean programming (the fridge vs the radiator)
  • Kieran Ots : A year of failed projects (and what I learned from them)
  • Pamela Fox : HTML5 vs Flex for Rich Internet Applications
  • Richard Lane : Mapping the sky – Is bigger always better?
  • Geoff Bowers: Setting Fire To Your Community. A tale of Japanese mummies, karmic balance and benevolent dictators
  • Jeremy LeBard : Australians are a nation of readers. Why do we need Amazon?
  • Daniel Boud : Web geek to shutterbug. How I swapped a keyboard for a camera
  • Meitar Moscovitz : How technology influences sexual awareness (and vice versa)
  • Mark Pollard : 7 things you can learn from hip-hop

The event is fully subscribed, but if you are coming along, please say hello!



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