The year that is about to be a ‘was’

At a Christmas party back in November I was talking to my CEO and MD. We were talking about the year that nearly was and I said that 2008 for me had been fantastic. They both looked at me like I had gone insane. But for me I have a lot to be grateful for this year.

  1. trains (bullet) and planes (and mostly biz class thank you very much)

I have done an amazing amount of travel for work and pleasure this year. Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Washington DC, NYC, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Tokyo (and places around there), Toronto, Vancouver, Bangkok, and lots of trips to Melbourne and Adelaide.  

The work stuff has been fantastic. A new client, and a brand new category (wine) has meant I’ve got to go around the place talking to people about wine, why they love it, what it means to them, what they think of Australian wine. It came at the right time. There is nothing like landing in another country and just saying to someone “tell me everything you think and feel” on a topic you know nothing about. 

I also got to travel a bit with mm – he and I had the serendipitous pleasure of being in NYC and SF at the same time. We also traveled to UK for his brothers wedding and managed to sneak in side trips along the way to Bangkok, Paris and a fantastic week in Japan.

Along the way I got to see some friends. My friend Sarah in SF who I went to UCSC with – I hadn’t seen her in about 15 years! Also Dani, Carolyn and old, old friends Martin and Sonia and their little girl Emilia in London.

2. I worked hard for the money

This year also saw the launch of a product I’ve been working on for two years. There’s nothing like seeing something with a gestation period for that long come out – and look so beautiful. 

I wrote concept copy, I did some choice modeling, I ran some workshops, I started managing a team, I ran a shit load of focus groups, I wrote lots of proposals – one lost and the rest won.

I look forward to going into that office (nearly) every day. I’ve been there 8 years, just got promoted to a director, but feel I still learn something new every day – I work with some fantastic minds. 

3. I met some cracking folk

So, via mm I decided to start a blog, and I got onto twitter, and along the way I have come across some people – sharp as tacks and funny to boot.

Dirk “the” Cow, Ben “thoughtful” Kunz, Matt “always at a football game” Noreen, Cheryl “Badass” Gledhill, Andrew “Mr Nice” Mitchell, and many many more, who took the time to read my stuff and comment, and put up fantastic links on twitter, and who had great things to think and say over the year. You all bought a lot of colour and happiness to my days. 

4. My friends are rocks…who rock

So, my friends Bek and Brendan had a lovely little boy Ben, and their other little one Milo continues to amuse and amaze me with his new conversation skills. And with my other friends Tab and Gheezer (who are full as well of twitter goodness) mm and me spent a memorable Easter Good Friday with that we both still laugh about – as well as other funny moments though the year. Chrissy took on a super-duper new role in the state government, and we have also spent some good times with both her and the hamster over the last 12 months. Spending time with Dave and Vic has also been a bonus for 2008, and I have loved  meeting up with Vic at Nakashima for lunch.

My Mum has also been a legend this year. She broke her leg really badly skiing, and I know it’s been a tough time for her. She is particularly heart broken that she may not be able to run again. But she has always been there for me in 2008, and I honestly feel as if we grow closer every year.

My friends have been incredible this year – thanks for all the love. 

4. I fell in love

Now, the travel was good, and the work very rewarding, and all you kooky folk on the inter-web; you were great. But nothing tops meeting mm this year and falling in love. 


So Happy New Years Eve everybody. I am so excited about 2009. I refuse to believe it will be anything less than what 2008 has been.




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3 responses to “The year that is about to be a ‘was’

  1. Happy new year to you and yours, Kelly! You write beautifully and have a stimulating mind. Keep the posts coming.

    Now I’m off to mourn the fact I don’t have a wine account 😦


  2. Business class….wine accounts…travel? Fancy a job swap?!

    Seriously, it’s been a privilege to get to know you via your posts and twitter feed over the past year.

    One of the highlights of the past twelve months is how people such as yourself have helped me broaden my horizons and give me new perspectives.

    So happy New Year and don’t forget that I’ve tagged you via the seven things meme!

  3. Hey I’m just catching up on my RSS now and just read this. Aw, it warms my heart.

    I have been reinspired to do more on my blog this year, a huge part of which has been blogs like this, Dirk, and many others.

    And as Dirk says, how can I get some of that business class travel? 🙂

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