7 deadly things

I’ve been tagged by Dirk to complete the ‘seven things’ meme. Unlike Dirk, I DO use this blog to talk about myself, so you will already know I am a fanta drinker, I used to have a crush on Cliff Richard and KISS scared me to death as a kid.

But what you may not know about me is…

1. I did an exchange year at UCSC, and to justify why I should be allowed to go, I had to outline the work I’d be doing there and how it would feed into my honours thesis. At the time I was doing some research into Mambo, and the designers and artists involved with them. I said that I wanted to travel to California to find out if there was a similar “ironic” group of designers working in the surf wear industry. I discovered a) there was no such group of designers and b) there was no irony. I also never finished my honours year 

2. So with a degree in art theory and history under my belt, employers across the country clamoured to get me on board. I ended up working as a data analyst for a research company where I’d worked as a telephone interviewer during uni…and the rest they say is history – a beautiful career in market research was born!

3. When I was growing up, my Dad worked on tourist resorts on the Whitsunday Islands in QLD. Brampton Island was very popular with c-grade Channel 9 celebrities at the time and I once got to have dinner with Darryl Sommers,  John Blackman and Geoff Harvey. (Geoff Harvey also had these ferrets on the Midday Show and one was named after my dad)

4. I cannot play any musical instruments, and it’s something I’m actually quite sad about

5. I dropped out of high school when I was 16 – my first job was at a doctors surgery as a receptionist on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst – and in the late 80s it was an area that was being hit pretty hard by the AIDS epidemic. I think I said in the interview when they asked if this would be a problem – dealing with HIV positive people, gay clients etc – I said “Oh no, some of my best friends are gay”.  Jesus – I look back on that wide eyed innocence and think about the things I saw and learnt in the 18 months I was there. It was a great job and met some very cool people. But the pay sucked, and I went back to school when I was 17.

6. My favourite shows ever, of all time, in no particular order…Radiohead at the ent cent, Nirvana at the Hordern at the first Big Day out, Sonic Youth at (I think..it’s gone a bit blurry) the Skyline at San Jose, Arcade Fire at the Enmore, L7 at Selinas and a little free show Joan as Policewoman did at the Bowery Poetry Club.

7. mm and I have a strong desire to work in the states. I cannot abide by anyone bagging that country out. I love everything about it, especially the crazy stuff that makes no sense to anyone – the size of it boggles me. 

So – I now tag these people to bare their souls and tell us seven things about you!

Matt Moore

Matt Nooreen

Cheryl Gledhill

Andrew Mitchell

Guy Wilkinson

Duncan Thurston

Peter Davis

…and then tag another seven folks. (and maybe if you don’t have a place to post them you can tweet them?)


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3 responses to “7 deadly things

  1. John Blackman

    We may be “C” grade now kiddo but we must have been “A” grade back then – why else would we stick in your mind?

  2. kelpenhagen

    Fair call John. You made it to my top 7.
    That definitely makes you A-grade!

    (And yes – back in the early 80s you guys were THE guys!)

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