Discrimination and Australian Immigration

I work with a guy who has just had his application for permanent residency rejected by the Department of Immigration. He was previously on a 457 working Visa. His partner is allowed temporary residency as well on this visa.

His application has been rejected because they are in a same sex relationship.

This is crazy on SO MANY LEVELS! Now they have 28 days to sort something out, or leave the country. 

Only yesterday we heard that a German family have been granted residency, after their initial application was refused as their son has Down Syndrome.  Dr Moeller was working as a doctor in rural Australia, but the Immigration department felt his son may be a drain on the medical system.  This decision was overturned yesterday by the Minister for Immigration, Chris Evans.

Under the Howard government we witnessed such appalling attitudes to immigration. But the underlying law forming our Immigration policies are still discriminatory.

My friend could have got residency if …

a) his partner was Australian (even if same sex)

b) he lied in his application that he was single (as he qualified on all other respects)

So it’s OK for the Government to let in a same sex couple into Australia under a 457 Visa scheme – as long as they leave at the end of the day.

I am contacting The Department of immigration to find out how I can lodge a complaint, and contacting the Minister for Immigration, Chris Evans.



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2 responses to “Discrimination and Australian Immigration

  1. I am constantly amazed by the debates over human relationships and which forms are OK, safeguarded, legal, and provide employment or tax advantages. In the U.S., states can’t figure it out, let alone the national government; now to hear that a nation will boot a person because of their personal life which has no bearing on their contribution to society is simply saddening.

    If we really are going to discriminate (and I think people still want to, really), then let’s move past race and religion and sexual preference and go straight to IQ, the most telling measure of whether someone will be productive in society. All idiots will be banished. This of course would remove many of the politicians creating such asinine laws as the one you mention; good luck to them finding a new home.

  2. kelpenhagen

    Ben – thanks for the comment. I think “the wheels” are in motion to sort it all out, but the outcome is still not guaranteed.

    the law here is very inconsistent and like your own state v federal laws, we can’t agree on that in Aus either (someone also told me that our immigration law violates human rights laws in more than ten instances…)

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