how people find me

most people find my site by searching for;

– pilgrims/pilgrim

 – renaissance fairs

  – and there are a fair few who come here in the search of centaur women/woman

you see once I wrote about pilgrims and made mention of a rennaissance fair and it seems to drive a lot of people here. 

welcome. I hope you find what you are looking for. 



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3 responses to “how people find me

  1. You point out why blog stats really don’t mean much, since most visitors arrive looking for something entirely different. My greatest traffic days were (I admit) after I posted a marketing take on a football team’s female fans in bikinis. Seems in the U.S. “bikini girls” are a great tag to get traffic.

    So much better to find 20 minds of deep thinking than 2,000 visitors looking for women. Or pilgrim’s dresses. But then again, maybe this finding could take your skills in a whole new business direction 😉

  2. dirkthecow

    Could be worse – I get readers coming to who google analytics tells me were looking for “herd core porn”!

  3. kelpenhagen

    dirk – that is in fact how I found your blog…oops! Did I just say that?

    Ben – maybe you are right. I am struggling to think how, but I’m sure it’s something a bit “crafty”. I would have thought your “beaver” posts may have generated some traffic as well? 😉

    My current favourite search term to get to my blog is “how to bullshit a wine list”…and I wonder about the person typing that into Google and what they hoped to find there.

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