Will someone shut this woman up?

The morning after Obama’s victory, when any sane person was skipping their way to work, in wonderment that good stuff still really can happen, Miranda Devine gave us this; a stupid segway about Obama smoking pot. While most where writing about what this election meant, the things it signalled, the challenges that the new administration faced, the impact on Australia – and OK the freaking dog… not our Miranda.  She wanted to remind us that Obama had taken drugs.  She swaddled this story then in one of her typical “outrage” puff-pieces, but the ultimate outtake – the guy who just had an extraordinary victory, the first black president of the USA, once used to be a toker.  

She also bought us this intelligent and provocative piece about how disingenuous feminists were for not wanting Palin to become vice-president. (Um, how about because she was THICK AND DANGEROUS?).

She was also at the heart of the Henson hysteria (one here). David Marr commented on Lateline that people like Devine only have an audience now via issues such as “your kids aren’t safe”.  Devine and her ilk are losing relevance, but this is still the one way to really freak people out.

What I do not understand is how Devine was plucked from the Daily Telegraph and taken to the SMH? Was it to get a balance of opinion? Was it to get SMH readers in a flap?

She is a shock jock in print – instead of acknowledging the world is complex, and things are not black and white, she plays on life’s uncertainties, amplifying them;  she makes them more real and shocking, happening on your corner,  in your school, in your home.  She offers nothing intelligent to a debate. She shuts it down.

I wish I could find a link to an article I read not long after An Inconvenient Truth first came out. She complained that changing light bulbs was not the answer – this I agree with her. We need to do more. But Devine’s objection was linked to the quality of light that comes from a fluoro bulb. Incandescent provided much “warmer” light, and she was upset that this would be replaced by the harsher light of the more enviro friendly fluoro bulb.  

How can we rid the SMH pages of her?  How can we get Devine to shut her trap in the same way her brain seems to be closed?  I’d continue to complain about her to the SMH, but I feel this probabaly only fuels her power there.

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