beautiful moths

When I was a kid the local shopping centre was Westfield Figtree (And yes – I actualy lived in a suburb called Figtree – the original settlers named it after the many…erm, fig trees).  It was a bit dingy, had 70s brown glazed tiles, and no shops that a cool 12 year old wanted to hang out at.  

Now Westfield has expanded into a global empire. They owned the shopping complex at the base of the World Trade Centre. I felt a bit of pride when I saw them on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. But now with Westfield London, I’ve got to say, wow Westfield, you’ve come a long way baby!

The ad though left me feeling a bit squeamish.  What is the general consumer mood right now?   We are in the middle of an economic crisis, and there is a growing awareness that we simply cannot support our current consumption – economically and environmentally.  The ad felt a bit ‘let them eat cake’ – slighlty out of step and maybe even a little doomed.  I cannot fault the production or the underlying positioning – it is breathtakingly gorgeous – but the timing seems exceptionally bad.  

Keen to hear any thoughts from people who are reading in London as to how this centre is being received.

later: just found link here with some quite frank views on the development



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2 responses to “beautiful moths

  1. Louise

    hmmmm, isn’t the whole thing about moths being attracted to the light that they get burnt? Maybe this communicationsis more in keeping with the current UK economy that you first thought??

  2. kelpenhagen

    Boom Tish Louise! You are prob right.

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