Debate technique

I can relate to this – I was in the debating team at school.

We made up a lot of shit too.  High School debating was lawless.  Apart from espousing made-up statistics willy-nilly, we liked to make up quotes. For some reason the guy I liked to “quote” a lot was The Venerable Bede.  I had no idea who he was, but I guessed he was old, and he would have said a lot of wise things.   We were running for the Teasdale Cup and managed to be South Coast Champions! Sarah Palin and I had a lot in common when I was in year 10.  But the main difference I think is that even then I knew I was full of shit. I wasn’t kidding myself.  We all tried to out-bullshit one and other.  It was a game.  

We were running for the Teasdale Cup, but we weren’t running for vice president.

(We got knocked out at the regional “debate-offs” held in Newcastle after a few of us sneaked into town one night and got slightly trashed. Ah, bless the days before photo ID. How do underage drinkers of today get by?  Our performance wasn’t “quite up to scratch” the next day and we were beaten by a team from a private girls school – oh and unlike Sarah I NEVER played the cute card!)

And thanks to Kerryn for sending me the chart!


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