If it is…please don’t tell me

When you are on holidays I love it how you can just have a drink when you want. Maybe I am confessing some bigger reliance on alcohol, but it’s a nice feeling to be able to stop and have a pint or two in the afternoon as you meander around a city.  

At one pub we stopped at near the British Museum we came across this Pepsi product. Great idea – a good quality mixer – made with top quality ingredients. A very nice brand extension for on-premise!


But I really object to the word “premium” being used. Is it me or is that just a marketers term? Does anyone use it in the ‘everyday’ world.  It’s a nice internal shortcut-word to get your point across – “We need a premium brand extension…”, we say, or “this product will have a premium positioning.” But no one uses it in their everyday lives. So for such a great product, and one that follows nicely premium branding rules (talking up the the provenance of ingredients, the use of ‘sparkling water’ etc) using the word in marketing material just seems a little lazy. If you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it. If you have to tell us, then you probably aren’t.


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