MyFutureBank reanimated

Recently there has been some ripples here in Australia around UBank/NAB and the disappearing MyFutureBank. 

I’d point out where all the shit has gone down, but molt:n has (understandably) pulled their page too. Basically all you need to know is there was a website, what appeared to be some bogus “customer” comments, some more bogus comments from a bank staffer on molt:n’s blog, and then a website disappearing trick.

MM via his “engineers etc” page has a very good post up at the moment and sets up a challenge that MyfutureBank is reanimated – brought back to life, but does what is says – not an ad for a bank but starts a real conversation between banks and their customers, and other interested groups. 

Who is in, he asks?

(here is Matt, looking into the future through his future glasses…)



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7 responses to “MyFutureBank reanimated

  1. Brendan

    my those ubank people are very smiley.

  2. They were very smiley Brendan, but don’t seem to be so anymore.

    I really think that the future of banking is peer to peer … and am amazed that some of the big players are not even looking into it.

  3. kelpenhagen

    Hey Gavin –

    They are probably looking but I fear that they may all make the same mistake that NAB made – expect the same levels of control as trad marketing, fear the amount of “up-front-ness” you have to have, and just actually not that into connecting with their customers. Think that most of the big guys in Aus will “flirt” a while before anything significant happens. (I noticed that they have a “suggestion box” in the u-bank site…but that doesn’t really cut it does it?)

    Brendan – it is a bit “bright and shiny”…Monty has had his site pulled, so as he may not be so smiley now

  4. Tori

    Hello there – from what i read, the purpose of the myfutre bank site was not customer comments but a discussion about banks in general. So, the accusation of “bogus” customer comments really doesn’t make sense. All of this goes back to one blog of someone called “Cheryl” – everyone else just repeats this original accusation and has no actual evidence… make up your own mind !

  5. Tori

    PS – Gavin could do with a smile in his “stunned rabbit” photo 🙂

  6. kelpenhagen

    H Tori

    Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t “read” about myfuturebank but saw the site when it was still up – enabling me to make up my own mind.

    The site withdrew comments it didn’t like, and appeared to have also included comments that may have been from staff, but did not disclose this.

    Someone called “Cheryl” is Cheryl. It was her blog that alerted a lot of people to the site. She is not a make believe person, who makes make believe things up. You should have a look at her blog – it is very good. ( But despite it being very good, not many of us blindly followed what Cheryl said either – we went to the myfuturebank site and saw it ourselves.

    The principle idea behind Myfuturebank was a great idea – how do people want to be serviced by banks? My post was a response to Matt Moore’s who said the site should be put back up (by the bank, or anyone else who can get the domain name) and launch as a genuine space for banks and customers to connect. What info do people need today? How do people service their financial needs in a down economy? the list is endless – and it’s the sort of community you could imagine taking off at a time like now!

    I saw an excellent presentation by a person from Rabobank (apologies- I cannot remember his name right now) at “Online Social Networking & Business Collaboration” held in Syd in Nov. He said if banks want to get involved in social media they need to EXPECT to be criticized. That bad comments will be put on the site (beacsue it’s easy for people to do so if they have had a bad experience). That you have to expect people will talk about you negatively. And you must respond (and have a plan for what that response will be) – you can’t just delete a comment (or pull down a site). If more banks want to get involved in this space, they have to be open that it will no longer be a one-way conversation TO customers, but two-way; and you will have to listen to what people say.; not just chuck the comments you don’t like under the carpet.

    So Tori – I can assure you that most of us had made up our own mind. (And sorry – when I started to refer to banks as “you” it’s because I noticed your email address is from ANZ)

    Thanks again for the comment and I hope that if ANZ gets involved in the digital space, it will be with less controversy than Ubank


  7. kelpenhagen

    Tori – are you also the same person who posted this on Cheryl’s page?

    or just a coincidence that two comments from someone at ANZ appeared on the same day?

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