There is something about Sydney in summer.  Outdoors. Day light savings. Really making the most out of the whole day.  That “something” starts at around this time of year at events like Good Food Month and its popular Night Noodle Market. People pouring into Hyde Park after work, sitting around under sweet little lanterns, the Lion Dance going on around you, eating some pretty good food. They also had a big screen playing Monkey. That in itself is brilliant.

Night Noodle Markets by Puddle

Night Noodle Markets by Puddle

Citi is one of the sponsors of Good Food Month. In the Noodle Markets they have an exclusive customer area – I am guessing for citi card or account holders. You still have to go out to the noodle stands and queue for your food, but you can then swan into the VIP area and get a seat easily (which is sometimes pretty hard). 

The problem with the little citi area was…well, there was hardly anyone there. It made me feel that citi had very few customers. And that made me think – what’s wrong with them?  Around their area, there was eating and laughter, kids running around, people having a good time.  But in the citi reserved area there were a lot of spare seats, some people eating and a few citi staffers standing around. It looked…well, a bit sad.  Unless you hope to attract customers via sympathy, this doesn’t seem to be a great way to get them.  If you are going to create a customer environment – you probably need to make sure you have enough customers in the first place to make the space work – to make people who are not in your little club feel like “I want to have a bit of what they are having…”, that pull where the little voice in your head shouts “I WANT IN!”  Otherwise you look like a bit of  a johnny-no-friends, and I’m not that sure many people are attracted to a brand like that.  

(and for those of you who need a bit of Monkey action this morning…)


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