You Googlesexual?

Geek Set, by koolbadges

Geek Set, by koolbadges

Fab post from Ben Kunz on a new manly breed…introducing the googlesexual

Ben makes some great points about the scales of targetting, although I reckon there is a stage in-between demographics and psychographics, and that’s really getting a handle on behaviour…have all of that…then you have the perfect marketing storm…


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2 responses to “You Googlesexual?

  1. I love it!

    I have a friend who, although incredibly fashion aware and only wears top brands, yada yada yada, stopped at a shop window and went into Supre to buy an “I love nerds” t-shirt.

    Googlesexuals are the new black.

  2. Why, thanks. To salute your acknowledgment that we are both googlesexuals, because after all who doesn’t lust after technology?, I will chase down an Orangina and drink to your health 😉

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