ebay – why does it have to suck so much?

I sold some things on ebay this week. It was easy. Take a snap, type in the details, list it and wait for the cash to roll in.  On Friday night we watched as each auction ended, and the price people paid got crazily high. One thing was $10 and in the last three minutes went up to $100.  It was quite fun.

So, now as I try and get my money (which at the very last minute had to be via paypal much to my annoyance) I am STRUGGLING to get my cash. Lots of screens, re-entering the same information, asking me the most ridiculous security questions where I actually have no one answer for – favourite film, favourite author, favourite restaurant (so for each my answers are the standard “I hate paypal”), and then finally getting to my cash, where I have to enter in my details and it will tkae them 4-5 days to transfer the money??!! Give me a break – it’s not 1956 anymore. 

Oh, and ebay took a $29 fee for the items I sold – fair enough, but then to take an extra $18 for the “privilege” of using paypay, which holds my money for an extra 4-5 days is LAUGHABLE!



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2 responses to “ebay – why does it have to suck so much?

  1. You forgot to mention the float eBay gets on the interest of millions of transactions held up for 4-5 days 🙂

    Wonder how eBay, or any organization, monitors this type of feedback? Probably doesn’t at all, which is too bad. If thousands of people are sounding off, they really should listen and change the service.

  2. kelpenhagen

    I know!! I still don’t have my cash!!!

    working with a client (NOT paypal / ebay!!) at the moment to do the very thing you are talking about – what people are saying about them online, influence level of the person etc…it should be an interesting process.

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