Pass it on

I’ve been moving house this weekend and it really sucks.  The packing and shifting anyway. The settling in and seeing what happens next is actually quite good though. Pack up your life, and dump it somewhere (even if it’s only down the road from where I was) – I’ve decided it’s nice to feel a little bit unsettled.  

In between emptying boxes, I have been enjoying a glass of wine on the couch reading an old copy of the wonderful Dumbo Feather, Pass it On. This “mook” has the most beautiful, inspiring stories coupled with wonderful design and “lovely feeling paper”.  Thank god it was sitting on top of an early opened box.  I’ve been subscribing now for nearly two years, and it’s the most wonderful read.  I love the excitement of receiving a new copy. It arrives at my work desk in a great big brown paper envelope.  Each issue features four or so lovely main stories with little mini-features scattered like confetti through the pages. And the design – did I mention the design. So beautiful! And the paper – did I mention how it feels in your hand? Everything about this “mook” makes the heart soar.   I cannot recommend this mag enough.

So it’s back to the boxes – to unpack what I wonder is too many books. And search out my snow dome collection. Once they are all out then know it’s home.



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