Apple pie in my eye

I dragged mm into the shiny new apple store in Sydney, to make a visit the geekgenius bar to get a second battery replacement in 2 years for my macbook and for them to look into a “fatal” error picked up while doing one of those surface scan things. Sitting at the geek genius bar with “Forrest” was fun – he was my distracted geek for the afternoon. 

my mac - at it's unboxing

I ignored my compulsion to buy…well, just about everything in store (I’m a sucker for design man) and even walked calmly by the i-phones (who I have vowed to step away from for at least the next 12 months).  But what made my heart sing was the fact it was 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, and I could cruise in with a pre-booked appointment and get someone straight away to look at my white elephant.  I sort of begrudgingly love my little macbook, and probably if I got off my arse sooner to get it seen to I wouldn’t have such mixed feelings about its precocious performance, and temperamental freezing spats.  Even when it lost a whole bunch of drunken pictures I felt it had maybe done me a favour.  I was even more excited that I could take it home again last night to back up some stuff and drop it off again at another pre-booked time at 7:20am! Now, people overseas may be used to that audacious level of service, but here in Aus, you had to call the apple line, get a number, take it into an apple re-seller, be amazed by their indifference to your problem, then wait for the call to go in and pic up your fixed kit.  Now, you can pre-book and speak to someone who at least appears to care about your problem and more often than not it appears it’ll get fixed then and there. It made Sydney feel sort of, well like a big city.

So this morning mm and I jump off the bus right out the front of the store – I’m all still “big-city-buzz” and SO HAPPY to be able to do this before work and about to BURST into the store with all their shiny, happy, product and we were stopped by a secutiry guard.  Seems the store doesn’t open until much later. No probs.  We tell the guy what we are there for, and he takes a while to wander around and find soemone else to come and help us. He then comes back to tell us he can’t find anyone. He’s nice about it, but it’s COLD outside. I want in! Eventually someone comes down and takes us up to the bar (that serves no drinks as noted by CapitalD) and we get served.  But I was SO LET DOWN! The magic had been broken, the mood had been quashed…my gay little skip was reduced to a shivering hover.  The guy who did help me was really very good, and he took my white elephant away to remove the “fatal error”…whatever that means, just sounds bad.   But I figure if that they are letting people make bookings before the store opens, then someone should know about it.  The guy upsatirs was expecting me, so they knew about it somewhere.  Why not shoot down a little list to the hired guy down front?

So, I’ll wait and see how long it takes me to get the white beast back, and I’m hoping that if I pick it up before work I won’t be stopped by the dude in the parka at the front door. He’s doing his job, but apple should be helping him do it better.



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3 responses to “Apple pie in my eye

  1. “Now, people overseas may be used to that audacious level of service”

    not here we’re not! Where is it where you live again?!

  2. kelpenhagen

    in sydney – but maybe because the store is new they are pulling out all the stops!!

  3. Ha – I just read this this morning, right before I went off to the genius bar at lunch.

    I agree with your impression, they do some things so well but are missing some tiny little touches (such as sending a list to the security guard in the morning, or having a sign telling you to wait or announce you are there) that would make it a perfect experience.

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