as I ride off into a pilgrim scrum…

I wanted to jot down a few things I am thinking about, but doing nothing concrete on…

1. this was sent to me by MM and at almost the same moment I had been skim reading the same thing here on Get Shouty.  Cognitive Surplus…no doubt some dinner time conversation about this tonight, but I wonder – Is this a papal miracle? 

2. Thinking more and more about how word of mouth may kill something that I love dearly and what my next post will be – and will be lighting a candle about this tonight at mass

3. why do I covet an iphone so suddenly, when I was all nonchalant about the whole thing just this time last week – will say a few hail marys before bedtime

4. have been meaning to get more thoughts down about social objects, but sloth has taken hold – please say a prayer for me

That’s about all the WYD stuff I can make links to – trying to find something to tie to the stations of the cross which I believe is kicking off tomorrow, but struggling.  But want to leave you with one final image…

Rumours these are Prada...

Rumours these are Prada...

 I am curious to find out what craziness is instal for me on Hickson Road after reading Sydneyberlins funny tweets – wish me luch as I try and ride through it…



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2 responses to “as I ride off into a pilgrim scrum…

  1. baxterd

    I’m loving my iPhone. I took it to bed with me last night and fell asleep catching up with a couple of blogs. I’m such a dork.

  2. kelpenhagen

    so many people are talking about sleeping with their iphones…

    It’s getting a little…weird

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