Ready for Relaunch

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Cafe Sydney for the relaunch of Hardys.  It was a fantastic afternoon overlooking the Harbour – with some fab food and some great wine.  It was also a chance for the Hardys team to stand up and say how proud they are of the brand and its history and that it’s past and future was worth celebrating.  For each course we were treated to one from the new HRB range, and one from Eileen Hardy.  I’m not very good at wine tasting (I can’t separate all the flavours unless I am stepped through it by someone who can) but all of what we sampled was very good indeed.  I also got my first taste of Thomas Hardy which was lovely.  And was really excited to try out “The Sage” – part of a new range we’ve done a bit of work on.  That was very nice too and I’m sure it will be a regular home quaffing purchase when it’s released.

Hardys has got enormous potential as a brand (lots of rich history to draw from, a great winemaker Paul Lapsley, and a geared up marketing team who want to kick some arse) and I’m really excited that they are beginning their “rejuvenation” phase. And they are also really nice people.   When Bill Hardy spoke yesterday you could hear the emotion tremor through his voice as he talked about a brand that was in his blood. 

I’d love to be able to put in a link to the new branding and brand device but it doesn’t seem to be up on there website yet…hmmmm.


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