cupcakes take the cake…

I received an email today from Brooklyn Museum about the final results from their “crowd curated” show Click! The exhibition was based on The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki and the idea that no single individual or an expert would be smarter than the crowd – the best pics submitted would emerge.  People were asked to submit a photo they thought expressed “the Changing Faces of Brooklyn”.  These were uploaded and people went on line and evaluated what they thought of the picture from “most effective” to “least effective” based on meeting the theme. Evaluators were also asked to rate themselves on their “art knowledge” – from zero to “expert”.  they could also leave comments on the pics. I evaluated some of them.  The process was mesmerising – image after image – some OK, others compelling. It was addictive. And now the results are out. They got 389 submissions and are displaying the top 20%.  CapitalD directed me to the “In the Gallery” link that shows over three pages these top 20% – and as he pointed out they are like a visual tag cloud.   The size of the image is relative to its “pull”.  This is how they’ll be shown. What I also find very interesting is the differences and similarities across each self-appointed group (from expert to zero knowledge).  This makes me want to be in/live in Brooklyn a little bit more…but I’ll save that for another day.

This got me thinking about my own pics. In August 2005 I took a picture at Betty’s tea room in York.   I loaded it into flickr and it is my most viewed pic.  It has been viewed over 3500 times. Each week it gets an average of 20 views. People seem to just love cup cakes. People love cupcakes even more if they are made into the shape of pigs and bees and lions.  I think it’s a very happy picture to share with folks on Friday.  I also think it’s so funny that one picture (out of the 1500 I have uploaded) can attract so many people.

This stuff is getting more and more relevant to the work I’m doing (the whole stock market approach to concept evaluation, NPD, innovation) and this show has given me a few ideas about how we can use it…I think.  Watch this space.

cupcakes at betty's



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